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Improving the world by providing AI computing products and services in the fields of robotics and advanced safety.

We have been providing hardware IP and software IP for GPU technology, as well as SoC that integrated such IP since our founding in 2002. In recent years, based on the advanced technological capabilities accumulated through the development of GPU technology, we have been providing a full range of AI services and products, from the edge to the cloud, from algorithms to hardware products (AI cameras, modules, and 3D vision systems for picking) for AI image recognition in robotics and advanced safety to solve the problems of our customers and society.




Picking and AMR for high variety and variable quantity production.
For picking solution, we provide Cambrian Vision System which is certified by Universal Robots. Cambrian is an add on to robot arms and it has been designed to be robust for any external light conditions. It is flexible to reconfigure production lines by quick to set up.
For AMR(Autonomous Mobile Robot), we provide ZIA MOVE which is software platform supporting Autonomous pipeline. It incorporates Visual SLAM “ZIA SLAM” and enables autonomous movement with camera and its control software, simply by setting the target position.

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Digital Media Professionals Inc.

Digital Media Professionals Inc.

Advanced Safety

Image Recognition for Mobility and Smart infrastucture

ZIA SAFE and ZIA Cloud SAFE for advanced safety services(Safety) using AI recognition technology. The combination of camera images and AI image recognition technology enables the analysis of advanced safety support such as ADAS and DMS functions. It is selected in applications such as drive recorders, electronic mirrors, rail vehicles, and smart city.


AI Processor

Edge AI processer IP

We have developed a tiny edge AI processor that is ideal for edge AI based on our technological expertise in developing compact processors cultivated over many years in the development of graphics IP. It is selected in a wide range of applications from consumer devices such as cameras and TV to industrial devices such as special vehicles and electronic mirrors.


Digital Media Professionals Inc.



We offer SoC・Module products as domain-specific products for industrial and amusement equipment that have many constrains such as noise and heat.

AI software

We offer a variety of AI software for object and person recognition. It is selected in various applications such as drones and dashcams.


Cambrian can pick wide range of parts, transparent, plastic, shiny metal etc.



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