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DMP and dSPACE Japan started strategic collaboration to expand model-based products and services leveraging RTMaps for autonomous driving and advanced safety assistance – Launched RTMaps-compliant DMS function of ZIA SAFE as the first release –

(This press release is an English translation of the Japanese original for reference purposes only. In the event of any discrepancy between this and the Japanese original, the latter shall prevail.)

Digital Media Professionals Inc. (headquartered in Nakano-ku, Tokyo, Japan; Tatsuo Yamamoto, Chairman, President and CEO; hereinafter referred to as “DMP”) is pleased to announce that it has started collaboration with dSPACE Japan (headquartered in Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Japan), the Japanese subsidiary of the dSPACE Group, headquartered in Germany, to expand its products and services for model-based development (MBD)*1, which is becoming increasingly popular in the development of systems for autonomous driving, advanced safety assistance, and robotics. As the first product of this collaboration, DMP has released driver monitoring system (DMS)*2 function of “ZIA SAFE”, high-precision image recognition edge AI software compliant with RTMaps products offered by Intempora (headquartered in France), dSPACE Group.

*1 Model-based development (MBD): A method of proceeding with design and development while performing verification by modeling and simulating the controls and control objects to build the system. This enables verification during the design process and reduces rework in the verification process, thereby significantly reducing development time and improving quality.

*2 Driver monitoring system (DMS): A system that monitors driver behaviors using sensor data from in-vehicle cameras and other devices to prevent dangerous driving and accidents.

1. RTMaps

RTMaps is dSPACE’s MBD tool for product development using sensor fusion in areas such as autonomous driving, advanced safety assistance for mobility, and robotics. As a virtual prototyping tool, RTMaps enables users to perform complex simulations before verification using actual hardware, thereby significantly reducing the development time.

● In addition to real-time collection, synchronization, and processing of multi-sensor data, data can be exchanged via various communication networks
● Extensive component library and intuitive graphical user interface to support complex algorithm development allow for easy construction of virtual systems on the RTMaps tool, using drag-and-drop
● Components include sensors, buses, communication interfaces, viewers, and simulation systems
● User functions can be added utilizing the user’s preferred programming language, such as Python and C++

2. EMS Function of ZIA SAFE in coordination with RTMaps

DMS is mandatory in new vehicles from 2023 and installation of a system that detects and warns of driver drowsiness is mandatory in large vehicles such as trucks and buses from 2024 under the European New Car Assessment Program (Euro NCAP). The development of DMS requires advanced technology that can accurately monitor the driver’s condition morning, noon, and night, and under a variety of lighting conditions. Age, gender, skin color, glasses and masks, and the environmental conditions inside and outside the vehicle that affect each driver are all different, thus high-performance edge AI software is essential to accurately detect the driver’s condition under these various environmental variables.
ZIA SAFE DMS function (driver doze and distraction detection) that DMP has made compliant with RTMaps has a proven track record of more than 1 million installations in dashcams from Japanese manufacturers.

● The combination of RTMaps and ZIA SAFE DMS function enables developers to perform system simulations of the DMS function in the early stages of development before evaluation using actual hardware
● Easily able to build systems by connecting DMS libraries to meters, LEDs, and other components with drag-and-drop on the RTMaps tool
● Able to simulate DMS function by inputting video data at an early stage of development
DMP generates various types of face data in the metaverse (virtual environment) as shown in the image data below. Actual face data can be input into RTMaps for evaluation too.

An example of ZIA SAFE DMS simulation (doze detection) on RTMaps

“In order to accelerate the development of next-generation mobility, dSPACE Japan is pursuing a strategic collaboration with DMP. The combination of “RTMaps,” a prototyping tool for multi-sensor environments, and “ZIA SAFE,” high-precision edge AI software, will help reduce the development time of advanced safety assistance systems such as DMS. Developers can streamline the development of integrated functions by verifying production-ready “ZIA SAFE” functionality and sensors under development from an early stage. Through the collaboration with DMP, dSPACE Japan will continue to contribute to the realization of a safer and more comfortable mobility society,” said Takashi Yoshimatsu, Director, CX Engineering Dept., dSPACE Japan.

3. Future Business Expansion

Currently, model-based development is mainly used in the automotive development field. As AI technology is applied not only to the automotive industry but also to fields such as agricultural machinery, construction machinery, and robotics, the demand for MBD using RTMaps, which enables complex simulations to be performed before developing products, is increasing due to the high cost of prototyping actual machines and the privacy protection issues involved in collecting actual data. DMP is going to provide professional services for model-based libraries using RTMaps in an autonomous driving project for a construction equipment manufacturer. In order to meet the growing demand for MBD, DMP will provide various functional libraries and professional services for autonomous driving and advanced safety assistance, including the “ZIA SAFE” DMS library with RTMaps, and contribute to the realization of a safe and secure society and the resolution of social issues such as declining working population.

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