DMP’s Strengths


DMP’s Strengths

DMP’s Strengths

DMP, based on advanced GPGPU development technology including GPU processors and low power consumption technology, has recently expanded its business area to the artificial intelligence (AI) field, and provides solutions tailored to customer needs, from providing various high value-added IP cores to providing LSIs, modules and professional services as a one-stop solution provider in the visual computing / AI field.

GPU Core Technology

With experience as one of the world’s leading GPU IP vendors since its foundation, DMP offers the industry’s No.1 space-saving, low power consuming, and cutting-edge IPs with proven performance. DMP’s IPs have been adopted by a wide range of applications, including Nintendo game consoles, digital cameras, and printers, boasting over 100 million-unit shipments by customers.

SoC System Technology

Utilizing development experience of 2D/3D high-performance graphics LSI, DMP can provide not only a GPU core unit but also one-stop solutions ranging from IP embedded design to SoC development.
RS1 is an SoC tailored to amusement machines by integrating the real-time 3D engine and high-performance, high-compression video engine on a single chip for the first time in the industry. Customers highly evaluate its synergistic effect of improving entertainment quality through beautiful and realistic video expressions and cost performance.

Consistent Development Capabilities Ranging from Algorithms to SoC/Module

Broadly speaking, AI processing requires three processes: data creation, learning, and inference. For the inference processing, edge AI performed on the device (edge) side, has become the mainstream from the viewpoints of real-time performance, data privacy protection, and reduction in network bandwidth and communication volume accompanying data transfer. By making full use of miniaturization and power-saving technologies accumulated in the development of GPUs such as implementation of dedicated hardware for arithmetic processing, reduction in the latency (delay) through installing internal memory, and optimization of hardware implementation through RTL design, DMP’s AI processor IPs “ZIA DV Series” realizes inference processing performance with low power consumption and small size optimal for edge-side applications that cannot be realized by algorithm and software alone (hardware acceleration). DMP also develops and sells FPGA module, “ZIA C3 KIT”, that incorporates “ZIA DV Series”. In this manner, DMP consistently develops from hardware to SoC/modules in addition to AI algorithm development and software development / optimization and supports optimization for customer applications.
There are many players doing development of AI algorithm and software in the AI industry, but DMP takes pride in being able to do hardware acceleration that not so many players are capable of.

Business with world-class customers

By realizing high performance and high stability that can meet the high quality and performance requirements of the customers, DMP’s products have been installed in such as consumer equipment and in-vehicle equipment of many leading Japanese manufacturers. In professional services, DMP also has conducted continuing businesses related to customer’s advanced R&D projects and actual productization.

Human Resources (Diversity & Inclusion)

Under the management philosophy of Diversity & Inclusion, “gathering diverse people, and respecting and fully utilizing their differences,” talented researchers and developers of GPUs and AI from throughout the world at DMP are conducting advanced research and development by utilizing diverse ideas that lead to international competitiveness.


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