How to Apply


How to Apply

How to Apply

If you like to be in a selection process, please fill out the application form with the necessary information and apply.

・The Company will strictly keep the confidentiality of the application. For details, please refer to the recruitment privacy policy below.
・Please note that the application documents cannot be returned.

Recruitment Privacy Policy

Digital Media Professionals Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “DMP”) is committed to implementing appropriate management and protection of any personal information that job applicants share with DMP during the recruiting process.

Use of Personal Information

DMP uses personal information of applicants within the scope necessary for recruitment activities, and personnel management at the time of and after joining DMP. DMP will not use personal information of applicants beyond the scope necessary to achieve the purposes set forth above without their consents.

Offering Personal Information to Third Parties

DMP will neither disclose nor provide personal information of applicants without their consents except:

1. For the purposes set forth above.
2. In case of legal obligations.
3. When it is necessary for the protection of human life and body, and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the applicants.

Management of Personal Information

DMP strives to properly manage the personal information provided. In addition, the information of those who are hired and joined will be managed as employee information after joining the Company. The personal information of those who have not been hired or who have declined to join the Company will be disposed of or deleted in an appropriate manner.

Inquiries and Requests of Personal Information about Recruitment

DMP only accepts inquiries about personal information from the owner of said information who can verify his or her identity as said owner. Personal information provided to DMP may be disclosed, corrected, or deleted only by the request of the owner of said information. To make a request, please contact the following address.

Contact Address

16F, Nakano Central Park South, 4-10-2 Nakano, Nakano-ku, Tokyo 164-0001 Japan



Application Form

・Please attach a resume for new-graduate application, and a resume and a curriculum vitae (CV) for mid-career application.
・Attached files should be PDF only and the size is up to 5 MB in total.



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