Jul 2002

Digital Media Professionals Inc. founded

Jul 2005

DMP announces ULTRAY® Visual Processor

Jul 2006

DMP announces PICA® Graphics IP Core

Apr 2007

DMP’s “PICA®” receives the Excellence in IP Prize of 9th LSI IP Design Award

Apr 2009

DMP announces SMAPH®-F Vector Graphics IP

Nov 2009

DMP announces SMAPH®-S 3D Graphics IP

Oct 2015

Began sale of LSI Product “VF2”

Aug 2016

Announced 3D graphics IP core “M3000” series

Nov 2016

Announced image recognition engine “ZIA” using Deep Learning

Mar 2018

Began volume production and shipping of new graphics processor “RS1”

Sep 2018

Launched sales of AI FPGA module product “ZIA C2/C3 Kit”

May 2019

Established business and capital alliance with Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.

May 2019

ISO 9001: 2015 Certified (Certification body: Intertek Certification Japan Ltd.)

Apr 2020

Established overseas subsidiary, Digital Media Professionals Vietnam Company Limited

Jun 2021

Established capital alliance with US-based Cambrian Inc.

Apr 2022

Moved to the Growth Market due to the reorganization of the Tokyo Stock Exchange’s market segments


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