AI Engineer joined in April 2018


AI Engineer joined in April 2018

AI Engineer joined in April 2018

What kind of duties do you handle at DMP?

I develop software for AI accelerators developed by the hardware team, and provide customer support.
I am also working on implementing hardware in a shorter time by high-level synthesis (HLS) than RTL.

How did you get to know DMP and why did you join?

I studied at graduate school programming with hardware architecture such as supercomputers and GPUs in mind in the field of high-performance computing (HPC). When I was thinking of developing software based on hardware even after graduation, I was introduced to DMP by a working doctor who was in my laboratory.I got interested in and join the selection of DMP because as a GPU company it had been working on deep learning, an area where research and development was also active in the HPC field.

Eventually, among several candidates, I decided to join DMP because I thought there would be no feeling of helplessness at such a small-size company.

What makes your job rewarding?

It’s fun to design new software components or think of code that takes advantage of hardware features. In addition, it’s interesting to feel my mind broadened in that only technology but also the business perspective is required.

As a result, I feel the best when I realize that my achievements have created value.

What do you like about DMP?

The working environment is comfortable.
Everyone is given considerable discretion in how they work and proceed the task, so they can work smoothly together with other departments without stress. I also like the working environment not restricted by age or job title with active discussions. Particularly I don’t care about age.

How do you usually spend a working day?

I come to work around 10 o’clock and check the daily report the day before to decide on a schedule for the day.
Just recently, I worked on neural network learning and software framework development while interacting with overseas engineers via online chat.

I eat at 12:00, 15:00 and 18:00 and make a nap at 13:30. This is indispensable for me, an amateur body-builder.

I usually leave the office around 19 o’clock, but sometimes I work late, especially during busy seasons and when I am really into work. On the other hand, I leave the office early when I don’t feel so well.

Please leave a message for anyone interested in DMP.

At DMP, communication is easy and proposals that lead to business tend to be adopted. DMP is recommendable for those who want to do things in the fields such as machine learning and image processing.

Technically, in addition to image processing and deep learning, there are many opportunities to be engaged in hardware, so I also think DMP is suitable for those who are interested in devices such as IoT.

When I was searching job, I was told by some guy at some company, “After joining a company, go through a hell at least once!”.
I don’t know if DMP will be a “hell”, but I hope you’ll find a company where you can experience a “hell” that makes you grow big.


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