Corporate Planning Staff Joined in March 2014


Corporate Planning Staff Joined in March 2014

Corporate Planning Staff Joined in March 2014

What kind of duties do you handle at DMP?

I oversee personnel and general affairs in the Corporate Planning Department.
I am engaged in various tasks such as new graduate/mid-career recruitment, salary/social insurance, labor management, personnel evaluation, welfare, and office management. Following foreign employees is also an important job, and it covers a wide range of things, such as application for residence status, explanation about working in Japan, and assistance for private events (mainly English translation and explanation).

How did you get to know DMP and why did you join?

I was introduced DMP by a recruiting agency when I was looking for a job as a new graduate. I could not understand the technology things at all, but the key to joining DMP was the wide range of work areas I could handle, the very likelihood to leverage my strengths, and the good atmosphere of the interviewers.
It was also attractive that DMP did business with large companies on an equal footing based on the technological strength. When I was a student, I blindly thought that I should work for a major company. Eventually, I changed my mind and I still remember that the flexible corporate culture as a small size company and the engineers with strengths not to be beaten by anyone looked shining to me.

What makes your job rewarding?

I feel rewarded when employees thank me.
My role is to support people. I can neither develop products nor get a business. Therefore, I provide an environment where employees can concentrate on their work, introduce a working system that makes it easier to work, and support so that foreigners can work in Japan without worry.
Recently, I changed the layout of our office. Communication between employees became more active due to the bright and clear view of the office. By being said “Thank you, the atmosphere has improved”, I was rewarded for my hard work up to that point, and I can come up with ideas of new measures to improve more.

What do you like about DMP?

The most attractive thing is to be able to get involved in a wide range of tasks. There is a wide variety of tasks every day, so I do not get bored. Also, because there is a culture that allows individuals to do what they want to try, it is fun to be able to make new proposals. However, my hands are getting full, so it would be great if I could have my junior. In addition, talking to foreign employees while eating their souvenirs would satisfy both my appetite and curiosity, so I am secretly looking forward to it.

How do you usually spend a working day?

I usually come to the office around 8:30 and check e-mails and deadlines.
In early April especially, there are a lot of things to do like hiring new graduate, corresponding to new employees, and closing account, so I work on tasks while sharing the schedule with related people.
I feel sleepy after lunch, so I try to communicate with other employees as much as possible in the office. Since it is a small company, it is safer and faster to go directly to ask questions rather than using chat tools.
Time flies quickly while I do job interviews, adjust requests with recruiting agencies, and make various arrangements, and I often go home at around 19:00.

Please leave a message for anyone interested in DMP.

DMP is a company full of curiosity and challenges. I feel that the realization of a safe and secure society starts from such a familiar place. I would like you to directly experience the free atmosphere unique to this company and the environment in which various ideas are created. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us. You can feel it in any position at development, sales, back office, whatever!


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