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ZIA Cloud SAFE Safe Driving Support Cloud Service

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ZIA Cloud SAFE Safe Driving Support Cloud Service


「ZIA Cloud SAFE」is a SaaS type cloud service. It is a safe driving support service that makes it possible to recognize the surrounding conditions of the vehicle and analyze the driver’s condition by utilizing the images inside and outside the vehicle of the drive recorder. This service can be used on Amazon AWS.

By combining ZIA Cloud SAFE with ZIA SAFE, functions that require real-time recognition processing on the edge side (drive recorder, etc.) are processed by the edge, and other functions are processed by the cloud, which is distributed between the edge and the cl oud. Allows processing. Furthermore, by learning the inference model in the cloud together with the accumulation of data, we always utilize the latest inference model in the edge and the cloud, and strongly support our customers’ high-quality safe driving support services.

It is a SaaS type cloud service that provides various functions(※1) for safe driving support systems. The license form is provided as a subscription model.

※1For an overview of the functions, please refer to the specific functions provided at the bottom of the page.

Analysis Example : Hiyari-hatto

Collision with oncoming vehicle when turning right

Head-on collision due to overtaking oncoming vehicle

Drive recorder original video source : JAF MEDIAWORKS Co.,Ltd

Specific Function Provided

Out-of-vehicle Camera

・Forward vehicle collision detection, rear vehicle collision detection, side vehicle collision detection
・Forward start delay detection
・Traffic light ignoring detection
 ・Traffic light location and color detection
・Stop sign ignoring detection
 ・Object detection of road signs (railroad crossings, stop lines, stop signs, etc.)
・Stop detection at stop line
・Road sign detection (various road signs can be detected by learning images)
・License plate recognition and mosaic processing
・Face mosaic
・Road Structure Recognition by Segmentation Analysis
 ・Target road structures are own lanes, sidewalks, roads, fences, poles, dividers, etc.
 ・Judgment whether to contact road structure from the positional relationship between the wall and own lane
・Gas station price information
・Parking lot full and empty information

In-vehicle Camera

・Driver monitoring (DMS function) by recognizing in-vehicle camera image
・Drowsy driving detection
・Face orientation detection (inattentive driving)
・Smartphone (mobile phone) detection
・Hand position detection by detecting the skeleton of the arm (determining whether drivers have an object in their hand or not, distracted driving detection)

* Whether or not function support is possible depends on the hardware specifications and performance that the customer adopts, so discussions and considerations are necessary in each case.


・ZIA Cloud SAFE is provided as a subscription service that can flexibilty meet the needs of customers. Customers can achieve the advanced, stable, and low-cost operations required for safe driving support systems.
・As optional service, ZIA Cloud SAFE provides a driving diagnosis report summarizing the relevant data such as the dates, times and driving speeds recorded when risky behaviors are observed. That makes efficient analysis possible to reduce traffic accidents.
・ZIA Cloud SAFE shares core technology with “ZIA SAFE”, the proven edge AI based safe driving system development platform, and makes it possible to build an integrated safe driving support service using both real-time edge computing and powerful cloud computing that AI models are updated/deployed constantly.


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