New Graduate


New Graduate

New Graduate

In order to become the world’s leading AI Computing Company, DMP is looking for professionals in the making.

DMP welcomes those who are interested in creating new technology, who like to challenge, and who want to work on development. No programming experience required. We look forward to your applications!

Application Guidelines

Qualification Requirements

Information for new graduate for 2025 will be coming soon!

Frequently asked questions

1. My major has nothing to do with DMP’s business, and I have no knowledge or experience in programming, can I apply?

Yes, if you are in science or engineering faculties, you don’t have to worry about majors. Any prior knowledge or skills are not required for new graduates.
Seniors who have joined as new graduates from completely different fields are now contributing to the Company as top engineers.
After joining the Company, you will gradually gain knowledge and skills.

2. What training is available?

Where you get a training varies depending on when you join the Company, but the Company offers a basic business manner training and a technical training that can be learned from the basics.
After the training, a senior engineer near your age will be assigned as a supervisor to follow up the knowledge required for the job, and life as a society member.

3. What is the career path for new graduate employees?

For the first six months: Learn the basics of such as engineering, working with colleagues, and customers.
Five years later: Acquiring technologies is completed, and the Company entrusts projects to you, a full-fledged engineer.
After: Choose a career path based on your wishes and suitability

・Become a senior engineer and further refine your technology
・Become a leader and organize projects and juniors
・Become a technical contact and listen to customers’ issues and propose solutions at visits and exhibitions

4. How much English skills do I need?

Those with high English skills are welcome, but there is no problem if you can read and write basics.
However, please note that there are quite a few opportunities to read English papers and technical books.

If you have any other questions, please ask the person in charge at the Company briefing or interviews.


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