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ZIA™ C3 Kit

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Edge AI starter development kit combining ZIA™ C3 SoM, a platform for developing edge devices equipped with AI functions, and a carrier board with interfaces such as USB and Ether.


"ZIA™ C3 SoM" with AI processor DV720
DMP's AI processor IP ZIA™ DV720 is implemented in Xilinx® Zynq® MPSoC FPGA. The computing unit supporting FP16-precision*1 floating point arithmetic as standard, it can be used without re-training AI models trained on PCs and cloud servers. Maintaining high inference precision, this AI FPGA module is suitable for AI systems that require high reliability such as autonomous driving and robotics.
Provide development environment (SDK / Tool) that facilitates AI application development
The DV700 series provide development environment (SDK / Tool) accompanying the IP core. The development environment (SDK / Tool) supports the standard AI development framework (Caffe,Keras,TensorFlow), customers can easily perform AI and deep learning inference processing with the DV700 series by preparing a model that supports the AI development framework.

* Please refer to GitHub for details of development environment (SDK / Tool).
Specifications and long-term stable supply optimal for industrial equipment
ZIA™ C3 is designed with industrial specifications for key components and temperature assurance range. Equipped with an FPGA that has a proven track record of supplying industrial equipment, it supports long-term stable supply.
Compatible with the latest AI technology
ZIA™ C3 SoM carries a Xilinx® FPGA whose hardware logic can be rewritten, which makes it possible to mount the latest DMP AI processor. Being able to follow the latest AI technology, which is rapidly evolving, from the hardware level including AI processors, users can enjoy a long-term use.
*1FP16 precision
In general, using a small floating number has the advantage of reducing processing time and power consumption, but decreases precision.


ZIA™ C3 Kit

FPGA Device Xilinx® Zynq® UltraScale+™ ZU6CG
CPU Dual-core ARM® Cortex-A53 (1.3GHz)
Dual-core ARM® Cortex-R5 (533MHz)
AI Processor DMP ZIA™ DV720
Memory 2GB (DDR4-2400), 18.75GB/s
Storage 16GB (eMMC 5.1)
Flash Memory MicroSD Slot
USB Port USB2.0 / 3.0 host, mini USB2.0 (URAT)
LAN Gigabit Ethernet port
SD Card MicroSD Slot
Compatible Displays DisplayPort (DP), other
Peripheral Interface I2C, GPIO, JTAG, LVDS input (optional)
Power 12V DC
Dimensions 130mm x 120mm


Accessories SDK/Tool, User manual, Startup gide, AC adopter
Please refer to GitHub for details.
(C3 + Carrier Board)

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