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iCatch Technology Licenses DMP GPU IP core

Apr 20, 2015
iCatch Technology Licenses DMP GPU IP core

Tokyo, Japan – Digital Media Professionals Inc.(DMP), a leading provider of 3D/2D graphics and computing intellectual property(IP) cores, today announced that iCatch Technology, Inc(iCatch) has licensed the DMP GPU core, SMAPH®-F and ant100 for Android, to support advanced graphic capabilities in its next-generation image processors targeting mobile devices.

After a detailed technical due diligence, the DMP GPU core proved to be the best power efficient graphic processing required for next-generation mobile processors said, Weber Hsu, Sr. Director of System Development Division at iCatch. The power efficient capabilities combined with DMP’s graphic technologies and excellent technical support provides us with a complete, total graphic solution for our next-generation mobile devices.

We are pleased to announce iCatch has selected SMAPH®-F and ant100, said Tatsuo Yamamoto, president & CEO at DMP. Support for advanced graphic capabilities is mandatory in nearly every mobile device today and our latest generation SMAPH®-F and ant100 enables iCatch to address any graphic use case, while consuming less power than alternative architectures.

The DMP SMAPH®-F is 2D Vector graphics IP core which is differentiated by its robust conformance to KHRONOS™ Group standards OpenVG™ and by its remarkably small silicon foot print which enables DMP licensees to maximize graphics performance delivered per square millimeter of silicon area and per mill watt of system power consumption.
The DMP ant100 is the composition and GUI engine which is the fastest 2D and pixel processing pipeline up to 8K x 8K resolution. The DMP ant100 can blend, scale, animate, layer, filter, process, and combine multiple input sources to compose for final viewing.


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