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DMP’s image processor “RS1”, adopted for new medal game machine “SEA STORY Lucky Marine Tours”

DMP’s image processor “RS1”, adopted for new medal game machine “SEA STORY Lucky Marine Tours”

Digital Media Professionals Inc. (Headquarters: Nakano-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO Tatsuo Yamamoto, hereinafter referred to as “DMP”) announces that its image processor “RS1” is adopted for the new medal game machine “SEA STORY Lucky Marine Tours” which has been developed by BANDAI NAMCO Amusement Inc. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President Hitoshi Hagiwara, hereinafter referred to as “BANDAI NAMCO Amusement”) and starts operation in March.

RS1 is mounted on “HAYABUSA-Arcade” board developed and manufactured by BANDAI NAMCO Sevens Inc. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, President Yoshiyuki Kaneko, hereinafter referred to as BANDAI NAMCO Sevens), an amusement machine-related business company spun off from BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. in April 2019.
The adoption of RS1 for arcade gaming machines in addition to amusement machines demonstrates that RS1 has the performance, functionality, and scalability as an integrated processor for next-generation entertainment.

RS1 embodies “omain optimization*” which has been a major trend in the semiconductor industry in recent years. With a combination of DMP’s comprehensive development system of algorithms, software and hardware, and the industry know-how of BANDAI NAMCO Sevens, RS1 has been developed as an image processor optimized for the amusement market. By integrating the real-time 3D engine and the high-performance, high-compression video engine on a single chip for the first time in the amusement machine industry, RS1 realizes beautiful and realistic image expression required for next-generation entertainment. In addition, RS1 enables a reduction in the number of components and the size of the board by integrating a high-performance image processor, DRAM memory, and various interfaces for the industry. RS1 can be a common semiconductor for pachinko, pachislot, and arcade game machines in which separate semiconductors have been used, and accordingly contributes to solution of major issues facing customers in the amusement industry such as manufacturing cost reduction by standardizing components and title development cost reduction by integrating the contents development environment.

SEA STORY Lucky Marine Tours

This pusher game machine developed by BANDAI NAMCO Amusement is scheduled to launch in March 2020.
Without losing any excitement of the previous game “SEA STORY Lucky Marine Theater”, it provides variety of effects unique to the famous “SEA STORY Series” in addition to original effects of pusher games, which will definitely enthuse the players!

“SEA STORY” is a registered trademark of SANYO BUSSAN CO.,LTD

It is a great pleasure for DMP that RS1 has been adopted for the BANDAI NAMCO Amusement medal game machine, which has many fans for many years. DMP will continue to contribute to the creation of new entertainment in the amusement industry by providing RS1 and conducting developments with the use of DMP’s domain-optimized development system.

* Optimizing and developing semiconductors for specific industries and applications. It offers significant advantages in performance, power and cost compared to conventional general-purpose semiconductors. Examples are TPU developed by Google for artificial intelligence and HW3 developed by Tesla for autonomous driving.


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