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DMP unveils “PICA®200 for FPGA” – Industry’s first FPGA based full 3D graphics IP solution –

May 11, 2009
DMP unveils “PICA®200 for FPGA” – Industry’s first FPGA based full 3D graphics IP solution –

Digital Media Professionals Inc.(DMP hereafter), the world-class leader of 3D graphics solutions headquartered in Tokyo Japan today announced the “PICA®200 for FPGA” a 3D Graphics IP core developed for embedded products shipped with FPGAs. PICA®200 for FPGA is based on the OpenGL® ES compliant popular PICA®200 3D graphics IP, which has already been employed in many embedded and consumer electronics products.

PICA®200 for FPGA has been specifically developed for customers who need full 3D graphics capability on FPGA based products, and to accommodate unique requirements such as long-term supply and/or small size production volume, which standard off-the-shelf GPU or expensive ASIC development processes have not fulfilled. PICA®200 for FPGA, with its small core size and high performance already proven on the popular PICA®200 graphics IP, fits a wide range of embedded applications including industrial, medical, aerospace, safety-critical, and semiconductor equipments. PICA®200 for FPGA supports XGA(1024×768) screen resolution and provides more than 3 million vertices at 50MHz and 1 pixel per clock performance. It’s authoring environment is based on the industry’s popular CG authoring tools such as Autodesk® Maya® and 3ds Max® and provides a seamless, highly effective, and low cost content production process.

PICA®200 for FPGA is available for licensing now and the first customer product based on it will be shipped in 2H 2009. The lead-off FPGA supported by PICA®200 for FPGA is Xilinx®Virtex®-5 FPGA.

PICA®200 for FPGA meets the demands of today’s complex and advanced graphics applications on FPGA based embedded products. said Shinichi Shiratsuchi, Deputy Director Marketing Department, Xilinx K.K. DMP fully exploited the built-in performance and power saving features of industry leading Virtex-5 FPGA and provided break-though 3D graphics capability without sacrificing the flexibility in production and development.

It is now on the menu to be followed by Altera Stratix® III and other FPGA platforms.

Altera welcomes PICA®200 for FPGA to support our Stratix® FPGA family, said Nobuo Horiuchi, Director, Japan Marketing, Altera Japan Ltd. Altera’s Stratix Family and DMP’s graphics solutions for FPGA allow development of highly sophisticated graphics application with advanced design flexibility and will expand the FPGA market much further.

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