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DMP to start providing ZIA™ ISP that supports HDR function of Sony’s IMX390 image sensor

DMP to start providing ZIA™ ISP that supports HDR function of Sony’s IMX390 image sensor

Digital Media Professionals Inc. (Headquarters: Nakano-ku, Tokyo, President & COO: Tsuyoshi Osawa, hereinafter referred to as DMP) today announced that it started providing ZIA™ ISP, an image signal processor (ISP) core that has been upgraded to support the HDR function of IMX390, an image sensor with high sensitivity manufactured by Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation (hereinafter referred to as Sony).
DMP’s camera module mounting Sony’s IMX390 (hereinafter referred to as IMX390 camera module), ZIA™ ISP, and FPGA will enable customers to develop robotics and safety camera systems with greater flexibility and faster time to market.
DMP will introduce this ISP solution at the PALTEK Corporation Web Seminar on June 29, 2021.

DMP is an AI tech company that contributes to solving social and customer issues in the fields of robotics and safe driving assistance by utilizing cutting-edge AI and deep learning technologies. In recent years, there has been an accelerating trend toward using AI-based robotics technology to solve social issues such as the decline in the working population and the shortage of skilled workers due to the declining birthrate and aging population. In order to meet the needs for highly accurate AI recognition processing and remote monitoring by safety managers that are required for robotics products in the social implementation of robotics technology, it is essential to have a high-sensitivity camera with low noise even in harsh environments such as rain, fog, and backlighting, and a wide dynamic range*1 that is close to or even greater than that of the human eye, as well as a corresponding highly reliable ISP with flexible image quality settings.

DMP has combined the IMX390 camera module with its proprietary ZIA™ ISP to realize a high-quality camera system that combines an extremely wide dynamic range with suppression of LED flicker. ZIA™ ISP’s new DRC (Dynamic Range Compression) and TMO (Tone Mapping Operator) functions enable customers to maximize the HDR capabilities of Sony’s IMX390 image sensor, and strongly support the realization of highly accurate object recognition and highly visible safety management systems (refer to image samples).

ZIA™ ISP Features

  • Compatible with 920×1080 30fps Full HD sensor of Sony’s IMX390
  • Support Dynamic Range Compression (DRC) / Tone Mapping Operator (TMO) to realize high dynamic range of 120dB when combined with IMX390 camera module
  • ISP pipeline with adjustable parameters
  • Low latency
  • Small size

Hardware Requirements

  • IMX390 camera module (provided by DMP)*2
  • FPGA
Image sample (outdoor + AI function (human detection))

HDR/DRC Functions off

HDR / DRC Functions on

Image sample (without AI function)

HDR / DRC Functions off

HDR / DRC Functions off


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