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DMP SMAPH®-S Products to Support OpenGL® ES 3.0 API Standard

Aug 07, 2012
DMP SMAPH®-S Products to Support OpenGL® ES 3.0 API Standard

Digital Media Professionals Inc.(DMP), a leading provider of 2D/3D graphics Intellectual Property(IP) cores, today announced new milestone in its scalable SMAPH®-S shader based Graphics IP Core product family that now supports the latest OpenGL® ES 3.0 API standard released by the KHRONOS™ Group.

Earlier today The KHRONOS™ released new OpenGL® ES 3.0 specification that brings mobile 3D graphics to the next level with significant functionality enhancements and backwards compatibility with OpenGL® ES 2.0. Below are the highlights of new features of OpenGL® ES 3.0:

  • OpenGL® Shading Language ES 3.00
  • Transform feedback support
  • Uniform buffer objects and vertex array objects
  • Pixel buffer objects
  • Sync objects and fences
  • Multiple render targets
  • Non-power of two textures and 3D textures
  • ETC2/EAC texture compression formats
  • Depth textures and shadow comparison

OpenGL® ES 3.0 defines significant new 3D functionality that will enable the next generation of visually intensive mobile games and apps, said Neil Trevett, president of KHRONOS™. IP vendors are often the first movers to support new generation APIs and KHRONOS™ is delighted that DMP already supports OpenGL® ES 3.0 in SMAPH®-S and will use the KHRONOS™ conformance process to certify the compliance of its implementation.

We have been one of the leading contributors for KHRONOS™ OpenGL® ES working group during last several years and developed our most successful graphics products by following the OpenGL® ES 1.1 and ES 2.0 specifications as one of the fore-front companies in this industry, said Tatsuo Yamamoto, CEO of DMP Inc. Our SMAPH®-S IP family will now add support for the leading edge OpenGL® ES 3.0 features and continues to be the most scalable and efficient embedded graphics IP platform available.

The KHRONOS™ Group expects to update OpenGL® ES Adopter’s Program to provide extensive conformance tests for OpenGL® ES 3.0 within six months. DMP SMAPH®-S IP cores with OpenGL® ES 3.0 support will follow this time schedule to provide fully compliant OpenGL® ES 3.0 core to DMP customers.

DMP will demonstrate its SMAPH®-S Graphics IP family at SIGGRAPH 2012, the leading global graphics and interactive techniques conference, which will be held in Los Angeles, USA on Aug 5th – Aug 9th. DMP can be found from booth #658 in LACC exhibition hall on Aug 7th – Aug 9th. We will also sponsor OpenGL®’s 20th Anniversary party on Aug 8th at the JW Marriot Los Angeles.


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