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DMP releases IP Core “ZIA™ ISP”

DMP releases IP Core “ZIA™ ISP”

Digital Media Professionals Inc. (Headquarters: Nakano-ku, Tokyo, President & COO Tsuyoshi Osawa, hereinafter referred to as DMP) is pleased to announce the release of the ISP (Image Signal Processor) IP core “ZIA™ ISP” (hereinafter referred to as “ZIA ISP”). ZIA ISP contributes to higher image quality and higher performance of AI camera devices such as robotic vehicles, drones, and security cameras.

ZIA ISP is an IP core that performs image processing on the RAW data output from an image sensor.
ZIA ISP accelerates the camera signal processing pipeline in a small size, which performs correction processing for the optical system such as lenses and scratch correction caused by variations in the image sensor for each pixel unit. In addition, by supporting a RCCB sensor, the dynamic range expansion by C pixels and HDR makes it easier to detect the contours of objects and people, especially in high and low brightness subjects. Since the user interface supports the AMBA AXI interface, it can be easily embedded in ASIC or FPGA. ZIA ISP can be used as an independent IP core, but by combining it with DMP’s AI processor “ZIA™ DV720“, a highly accurate and highly efficient image recognition solution can be realized.

Outline of features and functions of “ZIA™ ISP”

  • Demosaic
  • Defective pixel correction
  • Scaler
  • Format conversion
  • Gamma correction
  • Auto White Balance/Auto gain/Auto exposure
  • Frame buffer write
  • RCCB sensor compatible
  • Interface: MIPI CSI-2
  • Supported resolutions: UHD 3840×2160@60fps
  • Supported format: RAW Bayer/RGB/RCB
  • BUS interface: AMAB AXI
  • Supported hardware: ASIC, FPGA

Product availability

Available from 2020/07/13 (already started providing some customers)

Assumed application

Robotic vehicle, safe driving support system, drone, security camera, etc.

DMP will continue to contribute to the development of customers’ edge AI applications by providing IP and module products.


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