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DMP Releases Android™ OpenGL® ES 3D Graphics E-learning Kit

Jul 26, 2010
DMP Releases Android™ OpenGL® ES 3D Graphics E-learning Kit

Digital Media Professionals Inc.(DMP) today announced that it will start selling the English version of its Android 3D Graphics Learning Kit from August 2010. DMP will showcase the first public exhibition of its Android 3D Graphics Learning Kit(English Version) at SIGGRAPH 2010, the world’s largest computer graphics conference and tradeshow in Los Angeles, United States (KHRONOS™ Booth #1201). The kit has already been available in Japanese since February this year but the English version will allow programmers in all countries to study OpenGL® ES on self learning basis.

The Android 3D Graphics Learning Kit is an e-learning aid designed to help individuals to learn programming using OpenGL® ES, a standard 3D graphics API used on wide variety of embedded products today. Starting from the basics, the kit is designed to make learning programming easy, even for beginners. It enables the user to acquire the basic skills required to develop actual software by learning OpenGL® ES programming through exercises performed on the Android platform.

DMP regularly conducts OpenGL® ES program training courses I and II, which are approved by the KHRONOS™ Group as their official training courses, in Japan.

Product Overview

Product name
OpenGL® ES Learning Kit for Android
USD $98(Personal License) / USD $49(Academic License)
License Period
1 year
Num of Pages
Approx, 4 hours


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