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DMP Introduces High-End OpenGL® ES 2.0 IP Cores and Multi-Core Configurations to Its SMAPH®-S Product Family

May 07, 2012
DMP Introduces High-End OpenGL® ES 2.0 IP Cores and Multi-Core Configurations to Its SMAPH®-S Product Family

Company also extends its low-end offering with the world’s smallest OpenGL® ES 2.0 IP core : SMAPH®-S Lite

Digital Media Professionals Inc.(DMP), a leading provider of 2D/3D graphics Intellectual Property(IP) cores, today announced significant product expansion to its scalable SMAPH®-S shader based Graphics IP Core product family including:

  • New high-end and OpenGL® ES 2.0 compliant IP cores with multi core deployment(MP) support that offers the industry leading graphics rendering and computing performance.
  • SMAPH®-S Lite, the most cost effective graphics IP core that offers the smallest OpenGL® ES 2.0 compliant silicon footprint in the industry.

All new SMAPH®-S IP cores are ready for customer’s SoC deployments immediately.

DMP’s SMAPH®-S OpenGL® ES 2.0 product family offers the industry’s best scalability from low-end graphics cores to high-end. When SMAPH®-S Lite is the smallest OpenGL® ES 2.0 IP core in the world, the new high-end SMAPH®-S variants and multicore configurations will provide the highest performance in the market, but also 2-4 times smaller die size and power consumption compared to competitive offerings today. This IP product offering has been achieved by DMP’s innovative and state-of-the-art SMAPH®-S architecture design where it is easy to increase or decrease the number of shader processors and/or rendering pipelines to meet exact performance, die size, and power consumption requirements of the target platform. The highlights for new SMAPH®-S high-end IP cores are:

  • Number of shader processors(SP) is extended to 32 at each core.
  • Number of rendering pipelines is extended to 8 at each core.
  • Multi core configuration is supported up to 4MPs.

SMAPH®-S Lite is a tiny 3D graphics IP core that offers industry lowest power consumption based on its innovative power saving technologies and highly optimized OpenGL® ES 2.0 based shader pipelines. SMAPH®-S Lite has been optimized to offer ultra-low power, good performance and low cost GPU solution to modern applications in a wide range of consumer devices starting from entry-level feature mobile phones, to other consumer devices such as printers and cameras.

Our customers are demanding embedded graphics solutions that meet extremely low-cost, low-power requirements and can still deliver good performance and visually pleasing user interfaces in consumer devices. Same time mobile and tablet industry is looking for ultra-high resolutions to be supported in next generation mobile devices and this will require high-end and multicore graphics offering to fill this significantly increased pixel pipeline said Tatsuo Yamamoto, CEO of DMP. By scaling our SMAPH®-S graphics cores to low and high ends we answer our customer’s needs and further strengthen our industry leadership to provide the most scalable graphics IP offering with the highest performance and the best power efficiency per square millimeter of silicon area.

DMP will demonstrate new SMAPH®-S IP core family at Japan’s embedded tradeshows “ESEC 2012, Tokyo” on May 9th – 11th, and at “COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2012” on June 5th – 9th, the largest computer exhibition in Asia.


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