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DMP Delivers New Platform IP Offering for Optimized SoC Integration with Graphics and Media Cores

Jun 05, 2012
DMP Delivers New Platform IP Offering for Optimized SoC Integration with Graphics and Media Cores

Digital Media Professionals Inc.(DMP), a leading provider of 2D/3D graphics Intellectual Property(IP) cores, today announced new Platform IP offering that provides highly optimized bus interconnect and memory interface IP cores and enables industry leading system level performance and low power implementation in SoC.

DMP Platform IP offering enables performance optimization and low power implementation based on DMP’s decade long GPU and SoC design experiences in the areas of priority control and bandwidth sharing between CPU and GPU plus the performance optimization of DDR DRAM I/F for CPU and GPU applications. New Platform IP offers two products:

  • Loputo|BUS: The optimized bus interconnect IP to CPU and GPU bus access characteristics including support for OCP-IP, AMBA® AXI4/AXI3, AHB, APB protocols, smart and dynamic priority control and optimized power control.
  • Loputo|MEMC: The optimized DRAM controller to various characteristics of CPU and GPU master interface and DRAM memory access including features such as smart request control, various memory access pattern support. It also supports QoS control for real-time access transactions such as LCD controller and camera interfaces.

DMP Platform IP products can be provided as stand-alone products or married with the SMAPH® graphics core family. Joint-solution enables highly balanced system integration without extra optimization cost for power consumption and performance. Smart control mechanism of power and memory QoS will also reduce cost in both hardware and software development area.

Optimum design of SoC bus interconnect and memory subsystem has always been one of the biggest challenges for our SoC customers integrating CPUs and GPUs. said Tatsuo Yamamoto, CEO of DMP. We are thrilled to announce this new offering that allows our customers to bring their products into the market faster with lower development and integration costs while achieving unparalleled balanced performance for both CPU and GPU.

DMP will demonstrate new Platform IP offering together with its industry leading SMAPH® graphics cores at COMPUTEX TAIPEI, the largest computer exhibition in Asia, on June 5th – 9th, 2012.


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