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Countermeasures to the spread of the novel CoronaVirus infection

Countermeasures to the spread of the novel CoronaVirus infection

In response to the spread of infection of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), DMP (the Company) places the highest priority on the safety of all employees and related parties and take the following measures to reduce the risk of infection and ensure safety.
The Company apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause its stakeholders and would appreciate their understanding.

  • Expand the scope of staggered commuting and telework to all employees and urge them to implement
  • Prevent thoroughly from infection in office (provide disinfectants and sterilizing sheets for employees, urge the use of masks and disinfection of hands and fingers, etc.)
  • Minimize opportunities to meet in large numbers such as morning assemblies and meetings and urge the use of video conference system instead
  • Recommend video conference for meetings with business partners
  • Avoid non-essential outings, business trips and dinners, etc.

The above measures are to be taken until the risk of infection has been reduced, and the situation will be checked approximately once a month. Business hours are from 9:00 to 18:00, the same as before.
At present, no infected officers/employees have been identified at the Company, but the following policy has been decided in case of emergency.

  • If an employee or his/her cohabitation develops symptoms such as fever and/or coughing, the employee is to stand by at home immediately and follow the doctor’s instructions.
  • If an employee tests positive, the office will be closed immediately. All employees will stand by at home and undergo examinations while the Company disinfects the office.

The Company will continue to give priority to ensuring the safety of its employees and stakeholders and take any necessary measures while monitoring the spread of infection.


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