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High-performance and low-power 2D vector graphics IP core for embedded devices.
It has a proven track record in adoptions as an accelerator for UI processing of many products such as cameras and printers.


K3000 is an OpenVG™ 1.1 compliant 2D vector graphics IP core that achieves the industry's highest-level PPA (Power / Performance / Area), realizing smooth 2D vector drawing in combination with Qt and various font engines compliant with OpenVG™ 1.1.


API OpenVG™ 1.1
Texture Format RGBA, YUV
Maximum Resolution 8k x 8k
Memory BUS I/F AXI3 / 4
Configuration Register I/F AXI3 / 4, APB
Supported Devices ASIC / ASSP / SoC / FPGA
Supported Applications Digital cameras, Digital video cameras, Printers, In-vehicle equipments, Industrial equipments, etc.