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Vector graphics IP core with the world's smallest logic size, realizing a further cost reduction of embedded devices that require 2D vector drawing but do not need the texture function.


ant200 is a 2D vector graphics IP core that achieves further miniaturization by removing the texture function from the K3000 compliant with OpenVG™ 1.1.


API OpenVG™1.1 (2D / vector graphics) compatible
Maximum Resolution 4k x 4k
Memory BUS I/F AXI 3 / 4
Configuration Register I/F AXI 3 / 4, APB
Supported Devices ASIC / ASSP / SoC / FPGA
Supported Applications IoT products, Wearable devices, Smartphones, Tablets, In-vehicle devices, TVs, Game consoles, MFPs, Amusement devices, etc.

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