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Board Development

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This is a development service of the most suitable board according to customer's requests.

Together with the SoC/FPGA system design service, DMP provides a consistent PoC development service from board development to operation of application.
DMP proposes optimal board specifications based on the know-how cultivated in the development of LSI mounted boards for the amusement industry and boards for AI FPGA modules.

Specific Implementing Function Examples

Hardware development / design

Key device peripheral circuit design, Power supply circuit design

Software development / design

Driver, Application for verification

Prototyping / verification

Parts procurement, Board layout design, Board simulation, Parts mounting, Operation verification, etc.

Implementations Step

DMP provides various services such as parts selection, circuit design, board layout, simulation, and system verification.

Customer's board development process
1. Prototype Specification /
  • Make design specifications and plans and conduct a review based on the required specifications submitted by customers
  • Submit a quotation and a proposal
2. Circuit / Substrate Design
  • Select the parts that meet the prototype specifications, design the circuit, and conduct the circuit design review for customers
  • Perform board layout design and board simulation and carry out board layout review
  • Possible to develop and design driver and software as needed.
3. Prototyping
  • Material procurement
  • Raw board prototype
  • Parts mounting
4. Operation Verification
  • Perform operation verification according to the verification items of the prototype specifications and conduct reviews for customers
  • Deliver the deliverables (prototype board, design data, etc.) to customers along with the report