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DMP developed ZIA™ MOVE, an integrated software platform for automatic and autonomous driving for robotic vehicles

DMP developed ZIA™ MOVE, an integrated software platform for automatic and autonomous driving for robotic vehicles

Digital Media Professionals Inc. (Headquarters: Nakano-ku, Tokyo, President & COO: Tsuyoshi Osawa, hereinafter referred to as DMP) today announced that it has developed ZIA™ MOVE, an integrated software platform for robotic vehicles such as UGVs, AGVs and other unmanned mobile robots, as well as low-speed vehicles for MaaS applications.

DMP is an AI tech company that contributes to solving social and customer issues in the fields of robotics, safe driving assistance and others by utilizing cutting-edge AI and deep learning technologies. In recent years, there has been an accelerating trend toward using AI-based robotics technology to solve social issues such as the shortage of the working population and skilled workers due to the declining birthrate and aging population. ZIA™ MOVE is an AI-integrated software platform that includes ZIA™ SLAM, the SLAM software announced on January 18, 2021, and extends its functions to perception, judgment, and operation required for automatic and autonomous driving, which contributes to the development of high precision and low cost robotic vehicles by customers. Customers can establish automatic and autonomous driving systems in a short period of time by simply combining ZIA™ MOVE with vehicles, sensors, and other off-the-shelf products. ZIA™ MOVE is highly versatile by supporting Linux and ROS2, and can be used on any platform such as GPUs, CPUs, and FPGAs. Like ZIA™ SLAM, ZIA™ MOVE supports the high-performance, energy efficient NVDIA® Jetson AGX Xavier™ as its reference platform.

ZIA™ MOVE is equipped with ZIA™ SLAM, a high-precision SLAM software, as a standard function module for self-localization, which collects sensor information in real time, creates a map of the surrounding area, and matches the map information with new observations to improve the precision of self-localization. ZIA™ SLAM makes it possible to estimate the current position while moving without having to prepare map information in advance. As shown in the block diagram below, ZIA™ MOVE is equipped with the following functions to fully support the automatic driving of autonomous mobile robots.

  • Sensing function: Grasping the situation around the vehicle using sensors such as cameras and LiDAR
  • Perception and self-localization function: Generating a map while prfrming self-localization with ZIA™ SLAM using sensor information, as well as detecting obstacles, estimating distance, and recognizing driving paths using AI recognition technology
  • Judgment functions: Motion planning, path generation, and obstacles avoidance of the vehicle
  • Operation functions: Steering, acceleration, and braking

ZIA™ MOVE block diagram

ZIA™ MOVE is more suitable for low-speed autonomous driving applications in warehouses, factories, offices, and other indoor locations as well as on private property such as farms where no map information is available, than for vehicles driving on public roads. In addition to verifying the autonomous operation of its own prototype experimental vehicle indoors, DMP is supporting various demonstration tests conducted by customers in agricultural fields and warehouses.

Autonomous and automatic driving of ZIA™ MOVE-equipped RoboCar with NVDIA® Jetson AGX Xavier™ (Click here for video)

Features of ZIA™ MOVE

  • Precision and performance can be adjusted according to applications.
  • Multiple sensors can be fused (camera, LiDAR, IMU, etc.)
  • High reliability is ensured by integrating AI recognition technology proven for safe driving support.
  • Module architecture based on ROS2 enables high versatility and individual optimization according to customer requirements
  • Autonomous driving is possible without prior map information.
  • Compatible with various hardware such as GPUs, CPUs, and FPGAs

DMP will continue to collaborate with a wide range of customers and partners in the research and development of autonomous and automated driving using ZIA™ MOVE in addition to ZIA™ SLAM, and contribute to the practical application and widespread use of a wide variety of robotic vehicles, including AGVs, UGVs, cleaning robots, and low-speed vehicles for MaaS.


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