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Trends of Industries to which DMP Belongs

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Trends of Industries to which DMP Belongs

Industry trends and DMP's position in AI ​​and amusement industries where DMP deploys business are as follows.

AI Industry

In the AI industry, there are many players such as consulting companies that provide supports on issues and strategies related to AI introduction, companies that specialize in providing AI algorithms and software, companies that undertake AI development from customers, and major cloud operators that provide development environments for cloud services and machine learning algorithms. DMP deploys a unique and consistent AI business by offering AI algorithms, software and hardware in three forms: IP, products, and professional (contract development) services.
DMP has earned such a reputation from customers that unlike other AI companies a single meeting is enough for them to consult with DMP on AI issues ranging from algorithm through hardware.

Amusement industry

DMP provides image processing processors for the amusement industry (pachinko and pachislot machines). Although the market size of pachinko and pachislot machines is on a gradual decline, replacement demand to new rule machines is expected along with the complete removal of old rule machines by the end of January 2022 in accordance with a revision and enforcement in February 2018 of "Entertainment and Amusement Trade and the Implementation Rules for the Entertainment and Amusement Trades Rationalizing Act."
DMP's image processor "RS1" is the first in the amusement machine industry to integrate a real-time 3D engine and a high-performance, high-compression video engine on a single chip, enabling the beautiful and realistic image expression required for next-generation entertainment and contributing to the reduction of chassis cost of amusement machines as well. RS1 has been adopted by major customers including ZEEG Co. Ltd, a joint venture between major pachislot machines manufacturers, Sammy Corporation and Universal Entertainment Corporation. DMP aims to expand its market share in market segments where it can demonstrate the superiority of its unique 2D/3D integrated chip.