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The talented engineers and staff from throughout the world are working hard to achieve the common goal of making DMP the world's leading AI Computing Company.

Under the slogan "Visualize the Future", DMP has deployed licensing business of our own proprietary GPU IP core for embedded devices and related software, and proprietary SoC business. The total number of products shipped by customers, such as game consoles, cameras, printers, etc., equipped with our GPU IP core has exceeded 100 million units.

Today, in addition to edge AI, which requires real-time inference processing of large amounts of data for such as automated driving and factory automation, DMP is also focusing on cloud AI, where learning capabilities are key to improving the accuracy of inference at the edge. Since the establishment in 2002, DMP, as one of the world's leading GPU companies, has cultivated know-hows in size reduction, low power consumption, and high performance in the field of embedded GPUs. By making full use of those know-hows, DMP provides the industry's most competitive inference processor IPs for edge AI, module products equipped with those IPs, software products and cloud services that integrate DMP's AI and image processing technology, through its proprietary AI platform "ZIA™ series."

In addition, DMP will meet a wide range of customer's needs by providing the DMP AI portfolio centered on ZIA™ series as optimal solutions through the AI ecosystem in collaboration with many partner companies.

In order to overcome many issues facing the society today, such as labor shortages due to population decline, aging, and the accompanying increase in medical expenses, autonomous driving and safe driving assistance system utilizing AI for all mobility products, and labor-saving/automation system utilizing robotics technology will be increasingly important in the future. DMP will focus on those areas, and will continue to provide advanced AI solutions, centered on products and services based on its strengths of consistent development system of AI algorithm, software and hardware.

We look forward to your continued support.

Tatsuo Yamamoto Chairman & CEO
Tsuyoshi Osawa President & COO

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