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DMP is looking at your potential; not your college name, your past companies, nor the country you come from. If you are willing to accept challenges and changes, then welcome to the team! Your passion for CG and semiconductors is the greatest asset to us. We are eager to hear about what you want to try. Contact us anytime to discuss the possibilities.

Current Opportunities

Artificial Inteligence (AI) Engineers(Find more

Hardware Engineers(Find more

Software Engineers(Find more

Business Development Managers(Find more

AI Marketing / Business Development Manager(Find more

Please read the “How to Apply”section before submitting an application.

Working Conditions and Benefits

Standard Work

9:00 - 18:00
* For engineering positions, a more flexible work schedule (the discretionary working system for professional services) is applicable


Saturdays & Sundays, new year holidays, summer holidays, and annual paid holidays


Determined in compliance with company regulations, based on past experience, performance, and previous salary level


Various types of social insurance coverage
- Kanto IT Software Health Insurance Association
- Defined Contribution Pension Plan

Artificial Inteligence (AI) Engineers

Open Positions

AI engineers and researchers, graphics processing and recognition engineers and researchers

Key Responsibilities

Develop machine learning (e.g. deep learning), graphics processing and recognition algorithm, hardware (LSI and IP core), and software


- broad knowledge and rich experience in computer science
- outstanding capability of programming and design - experience in quality improvement or productization

Hardware Engineers

Open Positions

LSI Design Engineer
LSI Verification Engineer

Key Responsibilities

Develop embedded boards
Develop embedded graphics IP
Develop embedded GPU


Experience in GPU integrated embedded board development and/or verification
Minimum 1 year industry experience in one of the following areas:
- Logic circuit specification development
- Logic circuit design using HDL (Verilog, VHDL)
- Logic circuit verification using verification languages
- Familiarity with logic synthesis tools
- Logic design data verification and evaluation using FPGA board
- Board design and evaluation
- Business and relationship development with ASIC vendors and foundries

Software Engineers

Open Positions

Embedded Software Development Engineer
CG Software Development Engineer

Key Responsibilities

Develop embedded GPU software development environment
Verify embedded GPU
Port embedded graphics system
Develop embedded graphics drivers, middleware, and content creation environment
Provide customer service and technical support

Desirable Experiences and Skills

- Embedded software development such as ARM® using C/C++ or other assembly languages
- Development experience using an embedded OS such as embedded Linux, μITRON or Android
- Embedded graphics driver development
- Embedded SDK development and maintenance
- Experience in compiler development and maintenance is desirable
(willingness to learn is also welcome)
- Game middleware development
- Programming skills with 3D and/or 2D graphics API
- Programming skills with HLSL, GLSL, Cg or other shading languages
* DMP welcomes motivated candidates even with limited skills or experience in graphics technology
- A comprehensive graphics technology training course is available.
(This is a beginner-to-intermediate course, open to the public.)

Business Development Managers

Open Positions

Business Development Manager


Develop business strategies, alliances, and customer relationships for 3D graphics IP and software products
Lead product promotions, customer database management and other sales and marketing support


Development or business development experience in embedded hardware systems, semiconductors, semiconductor IP, or software. The following is desirable industry experience:
- Development of embedded systems, IP, semiconductor products, or software products
- Licensing of IP or software in the above areas
- Development of application strategies, alliances, or customer relationships in the above areas
- Creating product specifications for the above areas
- Negotiating and closing deals with global vendors in the above areas
- Developing business plans
- Implementing and managing CRM

AI Marketing / Business Development Manager


AI Marketing / Business Development Manager

Job Description

As a manager of AI products, solution making / development / promotion, or partner alliance, following AI processor IP, software, and module products related job is offered.
- Domestic / overseas market analysis
- Domestic / overseas business strategy
- Plan and carry out AI products (IP, software, and modul), related services, and solutions
- Plan and build domestic / overseas partner alliance
- Build close connection and collaborate with other departments for efficient marketing activities


Have following experiences of eigther hardware, software, or tool products at IT, technical development, or manufacturer company:
- Marketing
- Business planning / development
- Alliance strategy and/or channel strategy planning and execution

- Overseas experiences of above
- AI, IoT, or semiconductor related experiences of above
- License business experiences
- Experiences as a development engineer

Who DMP wants

DMP wants following experts to grow together
- Actively seek for new technologies
- Understand its great importance of customers and markets
- Actively think and take initiative of actions
- Build comfort and appropriate connections with customers and other employees
- Do no afraid of challenges and perseveringly strive