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IP Core License Business

DMP develops, offers license of, and maintains hardware IP(logical design data, etc.) and software IP(mainly drivers for controlling hardware and tools to support contents creation) necessary for drawing detailed images and artificial intelligence(AI) such as deep learning, as well as provides a custom support of its IP according to customer's requests.

Product Business

In addition to licensing IP products, DMP develops LSI semiconductor products based on its own IPs and sell them after outsourcing the manufacture to semiconductor manufacturers. The graphics LSI(SoC) is mainly incorporated in amusement equipment and so on, and the AI LSI(FPGA) is incorporated in equipment with AI functions.
Furthermore, DMP purchases and sells products such as image recognition systems (vision systems) for collaborative robots.

Professional Service Business

DMP provides design service of studying and optimizing the entire SoC system by integrating its various IP cores, algorithm development, and optimization services for software / hardware based on GPU / computer vision / AI technology cultivated through development of its own products. AI professional services provide a full range of AI-related services from research and planning of implementing AI in customer's products, PoC development, system development, and to the utilization and operation after productization.