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Message from the CEO

Visualize the Future
with DMP Graphics Technology

Since our founding in 2002, DMP has established itself as an industry leader among global GPU IP vendors by consistently delivering IP products that comply with the latest industry-standards, including OpenGL® ES. We also successfully developed the groundbreaking proprietary graphics technology called MAESTRO, allowing implementation of advanced graphics rendering algorithms through hardware. Rivaling desktop performance with its superior visually rich experience and exceptionally low power consumption to extend critical battery life, Nintendo chose our technology to power its flagship 3DS handheld consoles. Our GPU IP products lie at the heart of a wide array of embedded devices and consumer electronic products.

Thanks to your support, we went public in 2011 on the Mothers market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, and are targeting larger goals as we bring our venture into newer areas.

The GPU plays a profound role in improving the interactive visual experience of a wide range of applications that range from TV, cameras, automotive, and gaming, all the way to industrial equipment. While expanding its role into broader applications, the GPU also takes advantage of its extremely high parallel computing capabilities to enter new markets. One notable example is Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) applications, where advanced image recognition technology is used to increase car safety. This technology uses multiple automotive cameras to assist drivers by detecting and recognizing target objects, such as traffic signs, obstacles, and pedestrians within the changing scenery around the vehicle. This image recognition processing requires massive computation, and this is where GPU provides a powerful, fast, and low-power computing solution. Aside from the automotive market, we have started to witness similar technologies being applied to advanced security cameras and medical equipment, forecasting the rapid market expansion to follow.

DMP positions itself as among the few leading global vendors that possess a rare level of technical value within the GPU development field. Taking full advantage of our technological leadership, we are striving to position our GPU IP cores to fulfill this massive potential within the image recognition area. Based on our track record of GPU development and IP licensing business with industry-leading customers, DMP offers a wide range of IP and service solutions. Our record of past solutions in this field include specialized image recognition processing IP solutions thorough collaboration with global partners, and software development and optimization solutions for related areas. Our next step is to continually deliver solutions to meet demands by new markets through integrating GPU and image recognition technology.

With these explosive networking advancements, demand for higher-performance GPUs and image recognition processors show no signs of slowing down. Rather, demand is only increasing to process more vast amounts of information. This trend is also creating social challenges to control electricity consumption. DMP is addressing these demands and challenges with our low-power, high-performance GPU development and hardware accelerated algorithm solution. Combined with our industry-leading technology, we will take further steps to expand our software and service solutions in support of the broader demands by future society.

February 2014
Tatsuo Yamamoto
President & CEO
Digital Media Professionals Inc.