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【動画公開】Cambrianビジョンシステムとファナック社ロボットとのピッキングデモ動画 / Video Demonstration of Picking with Cambrian Vision System and FANUC Robot






Cambrianの超高速認識処理は、より高速で動作するロボットとの接続をも可能にします。例えば、協働ロボットではなく、産業用ロボットを用いて、ロボットピッキング作業のスループットをより高速化したいというニーズにも対応できるため、ビジョンシステムの適用範囲が圧倒的に広がります。7月に東京ビッグサイトで開催される展示会「インターフェックスジャパン」では、Cambrianユーザー様がファナック社産業用ロボット「LR Mateシリーズ」を用いたロボットピッキングのデモを行います。産業用ロボットとCambrianを組合せてご利用いただくことによって、Cambrianの超高速認識能力を最大限に引き出します。「インターフェックスジャパン」での展示内容に関しては別途このBlogでご紹介予定です。お楽しみに。

Cambrian Vision System (Cambrian), a 3D vision system for robotic picking that we handle as the exclusive distributor in Japan, has been connected to robots of FANUC Corporation (FANUC) as announced in our financial results briefing, and can be used for robotic picking in combination with FANUC robots. Cambrian can be interfaced with FANUC robots by simply creating a picking operation program using the API. Below is a video demonstration of a FANUC CRX series collaborative robot and Cambrian picking transparent and black objects.

Automated Picking of Transparent Bottles and Black Parts

As you can see in the video, Cambrian can easily detect transparent bottles and black parts. In fact, traditional vision systems are not very good at picking transparent or background-colored parts, as well as light-reflecting metal parts and soft parts that deform easily. The reason is that many traditional vision systems capture images with a 3D camera to acquire point cloud data, which is then matched to master data to recognize objects. For example, when picking transparent or light-reflecting parts, the point cloud data cannot be acquired cleanly, so the object cannot be recognized correctly. Especially in the food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics industries, where products are often contained in transparent packages or bottles, recognition is so difficult with traditional 3D cameras that robotic picking has not been widely used.

Cambrian is a new generation vision system that challenges the conventional wisdom of traditional vision systems. Utilizing unique AI technology, Cambrian detects transparent and reflective parts, as well as irregularly shaped and multi-patterned parts that are difficult to detect with traditional vision systems, in an ultra-fast 200ms time frame. As a result, Cambrian is currently addressing the need to automate a wide variety of parts supply processes on production lines in a variety of industries, including the food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics industries.

Cambrian’s ultra-fast recognition process also enables connection to robots that operate at higher speeds. For example, the need for faster throughput in robotic picking operations using industrial robots instead of collaborative robots can be met, greatly expanding the scope of application of vision systems. At the INTERPHEX JAPAN EXPO to be held at Tokyo Big Sight in July, a Cambrian user will demonstrate robotic picking using FANUC’s LR Mate series of industrial robots. The combination of industrial robots and Cambrian maximizes Cambrian’s ultra-fast recognition capability. Details of the demo will be posted on this blog. Please stay tuned.