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Mid Career

DMP places the most importance on the characters of applicants!

DMP welcomes those who are eager to take on new challenges and always willing to take in new things and change oneself. If you are interested in CG, semiconductor and/or AI, DMP is also eager to hear about what you want to do. Please feel free to apply first.

Working Conditions and Benefits

Standard Working Hours 09:00 - 18:00
*For engineering positions, a more flexible working system (the discretionary working system for professional services) is applicable.
Holidays Saturdays & Sundays, new year holidays, summer holidays, and annual paid holidays
Salary Determined in compliance with company regulations, based on experience, performance, and previous salary level.
Benefits Various types of social insurance coverage
Kanto IT Software Health Insurance Association
Defined contribution pension plan

Current Opportunities

Please read How to Apply section before applying.

R&D Department Project Leader

Positions Opening R&D Department Project Leader
Key Responsibilities
  • Algorithm development for graphic processing and graphic recognition
  • AI technology R&D utilizing machine lerning, deep learning, etc.
  • Progress and schedule management of team members
  • Technical support
  • Other R&D related responsibilities
  • Computer vision (software) development experiences
  • Graphics-related AI technology development experiences
  • Experiences or interested in small team management (2-5 members)

Hardware Engineers

Positions Opening LSI Design Engineer
LSI Verification Engineer
Key Responsibilities Development of embedded boards
Development of embedded graphics IP
Development of embedded graphics chip
  • Experience in graphics chip integrated embedded board development and/or verification
  • One-year or longer industry experience in one of the following areas:
    • Logic circuit specification development
    • Logic circuit design using HDL (Verilog, VHDL)
    • Logic circuit verification using verification languages
    • Familiarity with logic synthesis tools
    • Logic design data verification and evaluation using FPGA board
    • Board design and evaluation
    • Business and relationship development with ASIC vendors and foundries

Cloud Engineers

Positions Opening Colud Engineer
Key Responsibilities
  • Collaboration with engineer teams to define requirements and design application architecture (UI, engine, and cloud integration)
  • Security management
  • Scalable application deployment
  • Cloud user management (login, password, user data storage)
  • DMP tech-portal service management
  • For those with cloud application deployment using python for at least 2 years AND have at least one of the following experiences.
    • SQL and NoSQL database experience
    • Web service development, management experience
    • SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) experience
    • REST (Representational State Transfer) experience
    • Standard language experience for cloud based development such as C++, Ruby, etc.)
    • Business level English