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News & Releases

  • 2014.10.14
    DMP GPU IP core Adopted for Nintendo’s portable game console “New Nintendo 3DS”

    Tokyo, Japan - Digital Media Professionals Inc. (DMP), a leading provider of 3D/2D graphics and computing intellectual property (IP) cores, today announced that its 3D graphics IP core based on “DMP MAESTRO technology” has been adopted for “New Nintendo 3DS”, a portable game console product that Nintendo Co., Ltd. has released on Oct 11 in Japan.

    Up to now, DMP has provided Nintendo with 3D graphics IP core for use with the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 2DS. In addition, its 3D graphics IP core is used in “New Nintendo 3DS” to render its game contents.

    DMP is committed to continuing to contribute improving a user experience by its providing graphic technologies.

    About DMP
    Digital Media Professionals Inc. (TOKYO: 3652) develops industry leading 2D and 3D graphics solutions for global consumer electronics, mobile, embedded and automotive markets. The company was founded in Tokyo, Japan in 2002 and is currently developing several graphics IP cores based on the KHRONOS™ Group open standards and DMP’s cutting edge 3D graphics IP “Maestro Technology”.


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