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News & Releases

  • 2014.07.31
    DMP Launches the world’s smallest GPU IP core for Wearables and Internet of Things(IoT)

    Tokyo, Japan - Digital Media Professionals Inc. (DMP), a leading provider of 3D/2D graphics and computing intellectual property (IP) cores, today announced that it has the world’s smallest GPU IP core “ant” for small display that it is expected to be used in Wearables, IoT and other small footprint products. The new capabilities of the ultra-small GPU IP core “ant ” help customers to achieve lower power in a smaller and richer UI in small display. DMP will explain this innovative GPU IP core in “DMP Computer Vision Seminar 2014”, which will be held on August 29.

    The GPU rendering is essential ingredients in making the small display with tough panel such as wearables and IoT products mush more user-friendly. DMP optimized the GPU IP core “ant” to be as small and power efficient as possible for rendering characters, numerals, figures and forms. The core size is significant improved. The result is a post-route core that’s only 0.5 mm x 0.5mm in TSMC28nm HPC.

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    “Size & Power is the most important factor in incorporating GPU into the small display with tough panel. Using DMP’s ultra-small GPU “ant”, customer is able to achieve both the lowest power consumption and the richer UI.” said Tatsuo Yamamoto, President and CEO at DMP. “We see the miniaturization of GPU as a key driver of the small display with rich user interface such as wearables and IoT devices. Clearly DMP will continue to pursue development of ultra-small GPU core and contribute to our customer’s success.”

    About DMP
    Digital Media Professionals Inc. (TOKYO: 3652) develops industry leading 2D and 3D graphics solutions for global consumer electronics, mobile, embedded and automotive markets. The company was founded in Tokyo, Japan in 2002 and is currently developing several graphics IP cores based on the KHRONOS™ Group open standards and DMP’s cutting edge 3D graphics IP “Maestro Technology”.


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