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Professional Services / Hardware Services / C to RTL Design Services

DMP provides optimal C to RTL solutions starting from algorithm development to LSI implementation for your specific development needs. A high-level synthesis flow for converting algorithms or portion of system description (in C) to RTL description of hardware, realizing an optimized combination of software and dedicated hardware for boosting performance.

Our proven track record of design experience with GPU IP cores and large-scale SoC can provide a comprehensive design solution for you, ranging from hardware acceleration to LSI (ASIC, FPGA) design.


System Design

・High-performance algorithm design and verification
・Hardware and software optimization

C To RTL Design

・Fast hardware acceleration by offloading software processing algorithm in C

・DMP's unique technologies and methodology for faster, smaller, and lower power RTL solutions

・Comprehensive services that range hardware acceleration, specification, RTL design, driver development, application development and system evaluation

RTL Design

・Optimal RTL solutions with the highest possible power, performance, and area efficiency based on a proven track record of design expertise with GPU IP core, interconnect, and memory controller development

システム設計サービス C to RTLデザインサービス RTLデザインサービス

Case Example

"NV7" Graphics LSI for Gaming Devices

"NV7" is a graphics LSI developed by DMP for an electronics component company for gaming devices.