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Graphics IP Core / 3D Graphics IP / ant300

The DMP ant300 is the world's smallest 3D graphics IP core supporting OpenGL® ES2.0 capability. It is the premiere solution for popular ASIC/ASSP/SoC/FPGA applications on wearables , IoT and other small footprint embedded applications using Android OS.

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  • The smallest 3D graphics IP core
    0.48mm² in silicon footprint
  • Full OpenGL® ES 2.0 capability
  • Ultra-low power consumption

Supported Applications

Devices : ASIC / ASSP / SoC / FPGA

Applications :
IoT(Internet of Things) Products, Wearables, Smartphone, Tablet, Automotive, TV, Gaming, Multifunction Printers


OpenGL® 2.0 API Support
Supporting 4K resolution
ETC Texture Compression
Supporting industry standard on-chip-bus I/Fs such as AMBA® AXI, OCP
Unified memory architecture