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ZIA™ DV Core for FPGA is the optimized Edge AI Processor for FPGAs specialized for inference processing of deep learning. Because it supports FP16 floating-point operation, you can implement trained neural networks which learned by major framework in FPGA, keeping high accuracy.
By using the ZIA™ DV application development environment, you can quickly and easily create applications that operate on the edge AI processor ZIA™ DV Core on the FPGA from the trained neural network.
DMP's ZIA™ DV Core can optimize the size and performance of the IP core according to your desired FPGA, so it can be realized with a low cost FPGA that is strongly desired for industrial equipment and automotive applications.

Extract all the performance of Edge AI by ZIA™ DV Core

ZIA™ DV Core for FPGA Overview

The ZIA™ DV Core is an Edge AI hardware accelerator capable of accelerating the processing of some of the learned neural networks for inference. The Edge AI accelerator ZIA™ DV Core realizes fast inference processing by accelerating processing such as a large convolution calculation amount.

ZIA DV Core for FPGA Overview

Build flexible accelerated Edge AI application, Faster

Application Development Environment

ZIA™ DV Core application developer tool provides a development environment for creating high performance ZIA™ DV/FPGA-accelerated applications.

Application Development Environment

Support a variety of FPGA

ZIA™ DV Processor is configurable IP which covers from high-end FPGA to low-end FPGA

Supported FPGA

FPGA is best suit for Industrial Edge AI

In the IoT (Internet Of Things) society where everything is connected to the Internet, even in industrial equipment such as robots, in-vehicle equipment and security cameras, AI · Deep Learning is widely used for analysis of large amounts of data and they are considering introducing more sophisticated autonomous control and new services.

In addition to the huge computing power required for handling a large amount of data, it is important to ensure high reliability, stable real-time processing, anonymity and safety that can endure the tough environments of factories. For this reason, AI is changing from a form of centralized processing in the cloud to processing in real time on the edge side.

When AI processing is performed on the edge side, in addition to high processing performance, space saving, low cost, low power consumption is a necessary requirement. So an optimized edge AI processor that can be available for long term is required.

Requirements required for edge AI for industrial equipment

  • Stable real-time operation in mission critical environment
  • Low power consumption, highly reliable system with fan-less design
  • Flexibility to accommodate new algorithms
  • Long-term supply corresponding to long life cycle products

ZIA DV Core Comparation

Start Edge AI with ZIA™ DV Starter Kit

ZIA™ DV Core starter kit

ZIA DV Core starter kit
Xilinx Zynq® ZC706 Intel Aria® 10 Magnes Board Intel Aria® 10 SoC
CPU: FPGA embedded CPU: Intel Atom® CPU: FPGA embedded
OS: Xilinx Linux OS OS: Ubuntu OS: Altera Linux OS

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