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DMP's AI Processor IP, ZIA ™ DV 500, is the ultra low power consumption processor IP for Deep Learning on edge side specialized on inference processing.

Like the DV 700, the DV 500 is based on FP16 (16 bit floating point). The DV500 IP is optimized for scene understanding and object recognition function. Typical applications include industrial equipment and automobile driving support systems. The DV500 IP can achieve high processing performances while remaining one of the small core for AI.

Thanks to its very small size, the DV500 core can run on small and low price FPGA, such as Intel Cyclone V series or Xilinx company Zynq 7000 series. It perfectly answers industrial and automotive equipment requirements. Its small size and particular design makes it also suitable for LSI. The DV500 offers the possibility to realize edge AI systems with low cost, high performance, and low power consumption.

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  • Object detection algorithm such as SSD and SegNet etc. Optimized for semantic segmentation algorithm.
  • Compact processor size: Compared to DV700, the DV500 reduces the core size by approximately 50% while keeping more than 70% of its performance.
  • 32-bit RISC-Ⅴ with high instruction efficiency is installed as a control processor inside the AI processor.
  • Standard support for FP16 precision floating point arithmetic.

Supported Applications

ZIA™ DV500 is designed for performing AI/Deep Learning Inference on Edge side for IoT devices.

Supported Applications

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