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DMP ZIA™ Classifier is DMP image recognition and classification engine using Deep Learning.

Based on DMP’s graphics processing technology experience, ZIA™ Classifier promotes efficiency and shortens training time in Deep Learning by classifying the large amount of image data into customer's necessary items in advance.

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Deep Learning is a method to improve accuracy of recognition and classification of data, where learning consists in training a neural network using a large amount of representative data. In order to obtain a high accuracy level, the data volume must be very large, requiring lots of processing time and power. To tackles those challenges, DMP provides ZIA™ Classifier solution. DMP supports efficient realization of Deep Learning by classifying and training a large amount of data in advance, reducing drastically the required processing time and power.

Shorten Training Time


ZIA™ Classifier offers shortening the training time and improving the accuracy of Deep Learning with applications that use movies and images.

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