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Analyst Coverage

This is a list of research organizations that analyze the performance of the Company and recommend and comment on the company's stock.

This list is provided solely for the purpose of providing investors with information on research organizations that analyze and forecast the Company's business performance, etc.
It is neither a solicitation nor recommendation of buying or selling the Company's shares.
In addition, the Company does not endorse or sponsor the research organizations listed.
Furthermore, the Company neither support nor guarantee the predictions, opinions or recommendations by these research organizations.

This list has been prepared based on information obtained by the Company as of the posting date.
Therefore, there may be possibilities that some research organizations are not included in this list, all information is not up-to-date, and information is not consistent.
The research institutions analyze the Company's financial and business performance, business, technology or business environment, economic trends, etc. based on its own judgment, and forecast the Company's business performance.
The Company and its management are not involved in any of these processes.

The Company sincerely asks investors to make their own investment decisions based on their own judgment and responsibility.