Digital Medis Professionals Inc.



July 2002

Digital Media Professionals Inc. founded

July 2005

DMP announces ULTRAY® Visual Processor

July 2006

DMP announces PICA® Graphics IP Core

April 2007

DMP's "PICA®" receives the Excellence in IP Prize of 9th LSI IP Design Award

April 2009

DMP announces SMAPH®-F Vector Graphics IP

November 2009

DMP announces SMAPH®-S 3D Graphics IP

June 2011

DMP goes public; stocks listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Mothers market
(the market for high-growth and emerging stocks)

October 2011

DMP launches overseas subsidiary, Digital Media Professionals USA Inc.

February 2013

Moved headquarter office at Nakano-ku, Tokyo

May 2014

Established Capital and business alliance with UKC Holdings Corporation

July 2014

Annouced UI Drawing Engine IP Core "ant"

October 2015

Began sale of LSI Product "VF2"