Digital Medis Professionals Inc.


What We Do

DMP is an R&D fabless semiconductor vendor that focuses on the field of visual computing*1 for embedded devices. We offer licensing of proprietary 2D/3D graphics technology based hardware IP and software IP, along with the development and sale of graphics LSI chip that incorporate this IP. Our hardware and software IP respectively includes logical data design, hardware control drivers, and content production tools.

*1 Visual computing refers to high-performance processor technology for graphics and image processing that enables an interactive and rich visual experience. Combined with the displays and input devices of various electronics, this technology has the potential to power innovative and user-friendly interfaces for next-generation video games, 3D graphics enabled broadcast productions, in addition to medical and aerospace industrial equipment.

IPライセンス事業 その他事業 製品事業

IP Licensing Business

IP Licensing and Customization

DMP's IP licensing business offers licensing and maintenance of 3D graphics hardware IP, vector graphics hardware IP, and related software IP. Our 3D graphics hardware IP supports OpenGL® ES with DMP’s proprietary extensions. The vector graphics hardware supports OpenVG™ with DMP’s proprietary gradient extensions. Software IP includes driver software to control these hardware IPs, an emulator environment, and content creation support software. We also customize our IP specific to your requirements. The following are examples of available customization:

  • 1. Modify hardware IP or add circuits to adjust for your memory and bus requirements
  • 2. Transplant software IP to accommodate each platform of yours, such as CPU or OS
  • 3. Modify, delete, or add hardware IP or software IP functionality

・Graphics IP Cores

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Products Business (Development and Sales of Graphics LSI Chip)

DMP Original IP Core & LSI

While DMP licenses its IP products, we also develop semiconductor products using our own IP for specific target markets. The first product released to the world was “NV7″, a high-performance 3D/2D graphics LSI designed for the gaming industry. Equipped with our graphics IP PICA®200, it's a product of joint development by DMP and an electronics component manufacturer for OEM distribution.

・Customer Gallery

Other Businesses

Custom Development

DMP also provides custom development of hardware and software relating to our IP products to meet the requirements of customers and partners.

  • Reference boards supporting various platforms
  • Content creation tools (middleware)
  • Other custom development


Technical Training

DMP is the only entity in Japan authorized by the KHRONOS™ Group to provide their programming training courses for application developers.